Going beyond a 👍🏼 or a 💗

Connection is defined as “a relationship in which a person, thing or idea is linked or associated with something else”
I struggle with connection. I struggle with making connection. I struggle with maintaining connection. I struggle with admitting that I need connection.
Yet, I believe, with my whole heart, that connection is the key to good things.
We’re stronger, kinder, smarter, more generous, more empathetic, when we’re connected to others.
I also believe that we are in a world that makes connection challenging. Sure we can connect via Snapchat and Instagram but are we truly CONNECTING? Are we emotionally benefiting from these connections? Do we feel appreciated and cared for by others? Are we able to express our appreciation and care for others adequately through a 💗 or 👍🏼 on social media?
It’s a start. It has its place. But I believe it is just another way to keep us isolated and lonely.
How can we change that? How can we support one another in our growth? How can we encourage one another? How can we become more invested in actually, tangibly, increasing the confidence and strength of our community of women?
I’d like to find out.